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Would Chocolate Motivate You to Run?

A study looks to find out how the sweet reward affects exercise levels. Read more

Halfway Through Year a Time for Reflection

It's time to celebrate the goals you've achieved, eliminate the ones that no longer matter, and refocus on the ones that do. Read more

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5 Stages of Running Grief

They say there are five stages of grief and loss....

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A list we can relate to.

Mile Markers: Storms

Perhaps the most essential thing to remember about training for...


Hip Check! Phase 2

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Training & Tools

12 Habits of Highly Motivated Runners

Everyday tips for a fitter, healthier, and happier 2015.

Just Dune It

Make hill workouts tougher by doing them on sand.

It’s Okay to Be a Lightweight

New research suggests that any weight builds muscle – as long as you lift...

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Bring Your Own Carbs on Race Day

Know what is being served at your next race, you may have to bring...

9 Sweet Baking Swaps to Make This Winter

You can boost nutrition without sacrificing flavour.

Which Antioxidants Help and Which Hurt?

A new review weighs the evidence on antioxidants for athletes.


What’s the Difference Between Rest and Active Recovery?

You need a little bit of both to help your body reap the benefits...

The Basic Rules to Start Running

Know these essential guidelines first before you get out the door for a run.

Shoes & Gear

Sore Shins After a Long Break

What’s behind lower leg pain, and how you can overcome it.

The Ultimate Race-Weekend Checklist

Whether you're running a local race or traveling hundreds of ks to an exotic...