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Feel safe running at night

A new iPhone app has been launched to address the issue of safety when running in the dark.
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Gear of the Year 2015

We’re giving away some of the year’s best gear, including prize packs from Asics, Brooks, TomTom and more. To enter the draw ...
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A social affair

How lucky are we to have friends who literally help...

Do Women Peak for Endurance Later Than Men?

Potential sex differences cited as reason young women should run...

A Runner’s Secret Stash

Tips for properly hiding your hydration during a long run.


Shoe Tip: Add a Hole

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Training & Tools

How to Treat Shin Splints

Dr. Jordan Metzl addresses a frustrating injury most runners can’t...

What to Do About a Pulled Hamstring

Dr. Jordan Metzl address one of the most common running...

Prevent IT Band Syndrome

These two simple exercises will improve your hip strength and...

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Why Is Losing Weight So Hard?

Losing weight, even as a runner, is not just about...

Ginger Has Healing Powers

This herb helps runners' circulation, digestion, immunity, and muscle soreness.

Recover with an Avocado-Banana Smoothie

Runner and chef Marcus Samuelsson shares his go-to post-run drink


Calf Cramps Strike Again!

Advice for runner's who can't seem to beat this painful...

Strength Training for New Runners

Essential moves for beginner runners to build power and prevent...

Our Prerace Checklist

Follow these tips to get to the starting line prepared...

Shoes & Gear

What You Need to Pack in Your Race Bag

You can’t fit a wardrobe full of items, but you...

The Truth About Energy Return in Your Shoes

New foams promise to energize your running. Can a shoe...

How to Use Kinesio Tape to Prevent Injuries

Check out these five demonstrations to see how you can...