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8 Running Injuries No One Ever Talks About

Shin splints? Blisters? ITBS? They're only the tip of the iceberg. Read more

Core Work on Unstable Surfaces Might Not Have Additional Benefits

Study finds same gains from exercises on stable, unstable platforms. Read more

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The Cause of Your Low Back Pain

Low back pain during running is generally attributed to two...


Review: TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch with Built-in Heart-rate Monitor

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Training & Tools

Intense Kettlebell Workouts Improve Aerobic Fitness

NCAA Division I soccer players improved VO2 max by 6% in four weeks.

4 Marathon Day Mistakes

A marathon presents you with 42.1 kilometres of opportunity. Sidestep these common training and...

Is It OK to Have Sex the Night Before a Big Race?

Running coaches, ob-gyns, and real-life racers give the final word on pre-race hanky panky....

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Spice Up Your Lunch

Curry powder gives this chicken salad a flavorful boost.

5 Unhealthy “Health” Foods

5 Health Foods That Are Actually Bad For You

5 Foods and Drinks That Help (and Hurt) Your Running

The latest research reveals how what you consume affects your exercise.


You Know You’re A Runner When _____.

We posed this question to our followers and fans and got some hilariously clever...

The World’s Simplest Learn to Run Program

All you need is 30 minutes, three times each week.

Shoes & Gear

5 Shoe Buying Tips

Follow these steps and find your perfect fit

Synthetic Workout Gear Smells Worse Than Cotton Gear

Study: Post-exercise, polyester encourages greater growth of odour-producing bacteria