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Apple Announces Female Runner Emoji

US elite runner Molly Huddle has been campaigning for a female runner emoji character since last spring.
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I’m a runner: Angus O’Loughlin

Angus O’Loughlin - This Radio Host and his “adorable” running buddy.
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Distance Runners May Need More Protein

New research finds endurance athletes use more protein than previously...

16 Quirky Runner Types

Peculiar runner tendencies are all around us. See where you...

Mile Markers: Holiday Essential

Always pack your running shoes. Always.


How To Tie Your Laces

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Training & Tools

Think Fast

Building a strong mental game can help you run your...

Training Hard? Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Advice on squeezing in running – and snoozing – around...

Increase Your Mileage, Not Your Weight

Keep your marathon weight in check – fuel your training...

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Meals in a Mug

Microwave-safe, nutrient-packed and perfect for any time of day.

4 Ways Running is Best for Weight Loss

Looking to get fit? Here's why you should be running.

Essential Nutrients for Vegetarians

Meat-free diets rev up your running—as long as you’re smart...


Why Am I Not Getting Any Faster?

If you're not getting any faster, it may be time...

Learning to Run Early in the Morning

Five tips to help make running before work a little...

Race Day Tips

Three-time Australian Commonwealth Games representative Pat Carroll's top race-day tips....

Shoes & Gear


A new wearable sensor technology hits the Australian market.

How We Test Shoes

See how much time, sweat, and science is involved in...

Big Runners, Small Shoes

New research finds that higher body weight raises injury risk...