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Negative Thinking Boosts Injury Risk

Runners who beat themselves up over bad performances tend to push hard when they should back off.
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Can You Cram for Altitude?

Study tests different elevations to prepare for racing in thin air.
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Can Running Help Cure Your Hangover?

 If you tied one too many on last night, think...

Training the Mind as Well as the Body

I used to think working with a sports psychologist was...

Kilometre Markers: Getting Wet

Sometimes the best way to deal with your fear is...


Weekly Workout – Dip and Reach

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Training & Tools

Weekly Workout – Dead Bug

Work your abs and hip flexors with this core move.

How to Progress From a Half to a Full Marathon

The training isn’t all that different—it’s just longer and more...

How to Run a Marathon: Jared Ward’s Top Five Tips

In his fourth serious attempt at the distance, the 27-year-old...

Nutrition & Weight Loss

How Well Do Different Drinks Hydrate You?

A new “hydration index” tests how fast water, juice, beer,...

Yes, You Can Eat Frozen Entrées

Read the label and add healthy sides for a complete...

The Unusual Ways I Stay Hydrated

I’m finagling with my 4-pack of fuel for this weekend's...


How to Learn to Love Running

New runners who follow these principles are more likely to...

Should I Do My Long Run or Race During Training?

Find the right balance while working toward your goals.

Am I Really a Runner?

All beginners want to know, at what point do you...

Shoes & Gear

Real Bra-vado

The latest crop of sports bras delivers style, performance, and...

New Balance Wins Race for 3D Printed Running Shoe

The limited edition Zante Generate goes on sale Friday, April...

Fitbit Rebounds, Sells a Million Blaze Watches in One Month

The smart watch's early success counters investor worries when the...