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Why Do I Get Sick After A Race?

Expert insight on why you might be feeling too icky to celebrate.
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I’m a Runner: Kevin Hart

The actor/comedian Kevin Hart travels for his career as well as for racing.
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Finding some parallels between writing and long-distance running.

Can Exercise Help Stress-Proof You?

Study of students writing exams tests an interesting hypothesis.

Confessions of a Former Runner Hater

My name is Kristen, and I am a recovering runner...


Shoe Tip: Add a Hole

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Training & Tools

Strength Training for Running Economy

A review of research finds resistance training has “large, beneficial...

10 Moves to Keep You Healthy

Experts agree that one of the best ways to prevent...

Treating and Recovering from Achilles Injury

Expert advice from a sports medicine podiatrist.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

6 Runner Toast Recipes

These delicious toppings for a post-run snack are the best...

Is the Whole30 Diet Right for You?

At first, it looks a lot like Atkins or South...

Gain Muscle, Lose Fat

Study confirms that high protein intake preserves muscle when you’re...


How to Walk/Run Your First 5K

Relax, find your spot, and enjoy the 5K journey.

5 Helpful Pre-race Reminders

Follow these tips to get to the starting line prepared...

10 Steps to becoming a runner

If you're already exercising, here's how to add running to...

Shoes & Gear

Shoe Guide Review

Do you know the type of shoes that works well...

Take the Wet Test: Learn Your Foot Type

A simple wet test can tell you if you have...

Is It Dangerous to Keep a Hair Tie Around Your Wrist?

One woman's serious infection highlights the potential danger, but simple...