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The McClure Family

The McClure's share a passion for running and fitness.
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Should You Run More or Run Faster?

A new study uses heart-rate variability to predict which training is best for different people.
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7 Pieces of Running Wisdom From a Famous Writer

Haruki Murakami chronicles his development as a runner.

Are You an OCD Runner?

Being obsessive-compulsive about your routine has its drawbacks.

IAAF World Championship Preparation

Sinead Diver shares the issues she's focusing on for her...


Shoe Tip: Add a Hole

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Training & Tools

Strong and Fast Part 2

This workout requires a pair of dumbbells and an exercise...

Strong and Fast Part 1

This body-weight workout can be done any day of the...

Smart Tips: Endurance Running

Endurance races can be both physically and mentally challenging. Ultra-runner...

Nutrition & Weight Loss

New Weight-Loss Study: High-Carb Diet Beats High-Fat

National Institutes of Health trial finds high-carb/low-fat better than high-fat/low-carb...

5 Ways to Cut Refined Sugar

And why a diet lower in sugar is better.

Burnt Eggplant Puree

This seasonal recipe is packed with flavour and simple to...


8 Steps to Help Someone Start Running

Giving advice to a new runner? Make sure you focus...

Rest vs Active Recovery

You need a little bit of both to help your...

The Basic Rules to Start Running

Know these essential guidelines first before you get out the...

Shoes & Gear

Choosing Shoes: Should Comfort Be Your Only Guide?

One biomechanist suggests that whatever feels right, is right. But...

What Is a Minimalist Shoe?

An expert panel identifies five key features to look for.

Running Injuries in Shoes and Barefoot

A prospective study searches for answers in the ongoing debate.