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Would Chocolate Motivate You to Run?

A study looks to find out how the sweet reward affects exercise levels.
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Bones (Not Diamonds) Are A Runner’s Best Friend

Healthy bones mean healthy running.
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5 Stages of Running Grief

They say there are five stages of grief and loss....

10 Ways You Know You’re a Runner

A list we can relate to.

Mile Markers: Storms

Perhaps the most essential thing to remember about training for...


Shoe Tip: Add a Hole

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Training & Tools

Training for Stronger Bones

Strength training and jumping boost bone density.

Run by Effort Instead of Pace

Here's why you should consider relying less on your GPS...

Intervals Shouldn’t Be Lonely

Running fast is better with friends.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

How to Avoid Overdrinking

Researchers release new guidelines on preventing and treating hyponatremia.

Common Prerace Eating Mistakes

How many have you made?

Snack Attacks for Runners

Eating between meals is a great way to fuel training...


Rest vs Active Recovery

You need a little bit of both to help your...

The Basic Rules to Start Running

Know these essential guidelines first before you get out the...

How to Love Running

Newfound love and big events like your first marathon are...

Shoes & Gear

GPS Etiquette

The fine line between measuring accurate pace and simulating race-day...

Sore Shins After a Long Break

What’s behind lower leg pain, and how you can overcome...

The Go-To Race-Weekend Checklist

Whether you're running a local race or traveling hundreds of...