Runner’s World Smart Coach App

RW Smart Coach appNow runners can take their own personal coach with them, wherever they go.

Sponsored by Brooks, the new Runner’s World Smart Coach application helps runners of every level set their goals and track their training easily from their iPhones. This FREE downloadable app from the iTunes store combines science, mathematics, and 40 years of collective running wisdom to bring a proven individualised training program that is customised to each runner’s fitness level.

The application makes it easy to stay on top of your training goals on the go, and even allows runners to create or view their training plans without a 3G or WI-FI connection. To begin, users simply answer a few short questions about their running history, and the application generates a custom training plan for several distances, from the 5K to the marathon.

Every user’s training plan is saved right on the phone, so you can view each day’s workout immediately when you launch the app. Runners then just swipe across the screen to view their past and future workouts.

Download the FREE iPhone app here.