RW Coach Beginner

Runner’s World COACH: Beginner


WHAT YOU’LL FIND IN COACH BEGINNER – Your complete guide to running:

* 132 pages of expert advice
* Guide to taking your first steps
* 23 tips for shedding kilos
* What to look for in a running shoe
* Simple sessions to build speed
* Fuel up the right way
* Why stretching is good for you
* 32 ways to avoid injury
* Training plans for beginners

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COACH has more than 165 top tips from experts and editors of the world’s best-selling running magazine. It brings together years of knowledge and experience from the Runner’s world team, giving runners, especially for beginners, all the information they need to run successfully.

Get your copy of COACH today!

Please note: Runner’s World COACH is a Special Interest Publication not a periodical. Therefore, there is no subscription for this item.

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.


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